Event #8: "World Building" 23 Feb 2017 • Host: Emily Collins

The Phenomenauts – For All Mankind (2008)

Meetup 8 saw us listen to our first album with its own corresponding comic book – surely some sort of record. We also struggled, for the first time, to find all of the lyrics for the album. This is perhaps because they’ve been beamed into space on the back of a rocket, as the Phenomenauts would approve.

Speaking of which, our host Em was able to get in touch with the band (presumably via some high-tech futuristic device where they correspond with 21st century humans like ourselves). They offered their support for the event and encouraged us all to perform their salute, “Science and Honour”, which we’re pictured doing above (it’s not what it might look like…).

Opinions on the album were positive with an average score hovering around the 7.5 / 10 mark. Lots of interesting music was shared afterwards on the “World Building” theme, including Bjork and others I write down but lost the sheet of paper for…