Session Guidelines

So you want to host a session…

Sessions will cover two albums maximum, although I’ve found one works best (plus some singles!). If you want to run a session (please do!), think about a theme which will encourage other people to contribute: you can play the main album, but we want other people to bring songs/singles which complement it.

It might be good to come pre-prepared with some talking points about your nominations, for example: what do you think of the lyrics to “Ziggy Stardust”? How does the guitar interplay with the other instruments? Was the producer on vacation for the final two songs?! Write down a few notes to get things moving so we can chat after we’re done listening.

If you were going to introduce an open-minded newbie to a favourite genre or artist, what albums would you pick? Think about how they’ll come across to a new listener and contextualise them: before playing them, you could say a few words to talk about the social climate or musical landscape the album was recorded and released in. This is about appreciating music and learning why it’s so great.

Convinced your idea is great? Email Matt with your nomination!