Off The Record Birmingham Music Meetup

What's a record club?

Off The Record is a monthly event where a bunch of music-loving people get together to listen to a whole album in full – no distractions, no interruptions – and then talk about it afterwards. In a fast-paced world where we don't make time for music, it's about stopping and appreciating something new.

Where and when does it happen?

Off The Record is hosted at Cherry Reds in central Birmingham. It's an evening event, running from 7pm-9.30pm or so, with 10-20 people attending. It's free – if you like music and food/drinks, you are super welcome.

Got a record to suggest?

Cool – we have some guidelines on hosting a playback / discussion below. Have a read and you'll eventually be able to submit your record suggestion where people can vote for it for an upcoming Off The Record session. Or if you really can't wait, email Matt with your nominations.

Can I follow you on social media?!

Go on then. Give us a follow on Facebook and Twitter. We're also on and have a monthly newsletter to remind you about upcoming events.

Okay, I'm convinced, what next?

Great. Sign up to attend here!

Past Events